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Discover Padel Tennis Miami: A Guide to Best Clubs & Courts

Experience the excitement of padel tennis Miami at the city's top clubs and courts, catering to players of all skill levels.

In the bustling streets of Miami, amid the shimmering beaches and lively soccer games, a new wave is forming, and it’s spelled P-A-D-E-L. Ever felt that exhilarating rush, standing at the heart of Wynwood Padel Club, or that sense of community at the Miami Padel Club? If not, you’re missing out!

But fret not, because we’re here to bridge that gap for you. From the lively events at the Official Pepper Padel Tournament to the state-of-the-art facilities and pro shops sprinkled throughout Miami Beach, there’s a world of padel life waiting for you.

With every ball served and every court rented a whole community beckons. So whether you’re looking to sign up for a season or simply spend an hour playing with friends, Miami’s vibrant padel scene is the perfect place to dive in. Join us as we journey through the city’s best spots to play, practice, and embrace the game that has Spain, and now Miami, utterly captivated. Are you ready to be part of the story?

Miami, synonymous with sun-kissed beaches and a lively cultural scene, has warmly embraced the sport of padel tennis. With an influx of professionals flocking to USPA-affiliated clubs, it’s evident that this European favorite is finding its ground in the US.

Miami, in particular, boasts 25 double courts as of 2023, spanning across various vibrant locations. Each padel club, mostly nestled within bustling sports complexes, promises a unique experience ensuring every game played is a memory made.

Real Padel Miami: Where Tradition Meets Modernity

As the first padel club to grace Miami’s shores, Real Padel Miami, founded in 2017, has four custom-built courts in Spain. This marks a significant step for the Padel community, giving members the chance to immerse in a blend of culture and sport.

Whether you want to become a member and enjoy playing with friends and other members or rent a full court by the hour, the choice is yours. With well-established restrooms and a pro shop, this club ensures a comfortable and fun experience.

male player holding a padel racket and a ball

Open Padel Miami

The biggest indoor padel club in the US, Open Padel offers a one-of-a-kind experience with five air-conditioned panoramic indoor glass courts, located in the heart of Miami’s bustling sports complex.

Here, the legacy of Alejandro Lasaigues, who debuted in 1987, is alive. As one of the best players in history, his guidance is a golden opportunity for those seeking to learn from a legend.

focus shot of a woman playing padel who has an opponent

Padel Life & Soccer

This bustling sports complex offers three double courts and an indoor soccer court. It’s where padel life and passion for soccer come together, allowing you to join the Championship league or simply rent a court for fun.

From fitness areas, and locker rooms to sports coffee, the place bursts with energy. It hosts tournaments, classes for children, and even free padel clinics. It’s where community meets sport, providing all levels of excitement for all ages.

focus shot of a male player posing and smiling while holding a padel racket and ball while his background has people playing padel in the court

Wynwood Padel Club

Located just 10 minutes from Miami Beach, Wynwood Padel Club is the biggest Padel club in the US. With eight floodlit courts, a pro shop, a restaurant/café, and a sunset deck, it offers more than a game; it’s a lifestyle.

For those looking to start a career in Padel, this club provides lessons with Afterschool Director, Gabi Meana. Whether you’re playing alone or with a friend, these lessons are designed to foster a love for the game.

focus shot of three padel rackets in a lawn

Pepper Padel Miami

Opened in May-June 2022, Pepper Padel is a hub for community-building. Hosting two beautiful newly built double courts, it is known for the Official Pepper Padel Tournament and other weekly formats.

You can become a Pepper Member, choose from various membership plans, and benefit from the expertise of Andreas Contreras, a player with decades of experience in coaching and playing.

birds eye view of a padel tennis court while four players playing padel doubles

Ritz-Carlton Racquet Garden

The Ritz-Carlton Racquet Garden in Miami showcases three technologically advanced aluminum Padel courts, a symbol of luxury and innovation. These state-of-the-art facilities come with LED lighting and AFP Turf minofibre.

Offering comprehensive adult and junior programs, mixers, leagues, and tournaments, it’s where luxury meets passion. Whatever your level, you’ll find the perfect blend of sport, community, and elegance here.

padel court with many people wataching a game

Growing Popularity of Padel

Padel Tennis is rapidly gaining recognition and popularity across the globe, with a significant surge in interest particularly noted in recent years. According to the International Padel Federation (FIP), over 25 million individuals across more than 90 countries are now engaging in this unique racquet sport. A blend of tennis and squash, Padel is most popular in Spain, which boasts more than 20,000 Padel courts and a multitude of professional players.

Despite being relatively new to the United States, it’s quickly gaining traction, thanks to its accessibility and social aspect. While Tennis still holds a larger market share and global exposure, Padel is fast catching up, especially in several European and Latin American countries. So, how popular is Padel? With its exponential growth and increased search interest – over 968,000 searches for the term “Padel” – it’s safe to say that Padel is indeed becoming a widely celebrated sport worldwide.

Wrapping Up

Miami’s embrace of padel tennis has ignited a vibrant community that thrives within the energetic pulse of the city. From the swank Wynwood Padel Club to the heartening lessons of Real Padel Miami, the sport is more than just a game; it’s a way of life. Whether you’re looking to join an official Pepper Padel tournament or simply enjoy an hour of play with friends, the options are vast, ranging from locker rooms to state-of-the-art fitness areas.

The spirit of the Padel club, sports complex, and Miami Beach unites players, making Miami the perfect place for padel enthusiasts of all levels. The laughter, the competitive spirit, the fun, the friendships, and the sense of community are the essence of padel life in Miami.

No matter where you’re located or the season, whether it’s a Saturday or any other day, the courts await your presence. Join in, rent a court, and let the game of padel in Miami enrich your soul.


The cost to play Padel in Miami varies depending on the club and services you opt for. Many clubs like Wynwood Padel Club and Real Padel Miami offer different rates for members and non-members. Typically, you might expect to pay anywhere from $15 to $50 per hour, but it’s best to check directly with the club for the most accurate details.

Absolutely! Padel tennis has been rapidly gaining popularity in the US. With communities flourishing around the sport and events like the Official Pepper Padel Tournament, there’s a clear indication of its growing footprint in the country.

There are numerous places to play padel across the USA. Miami is especially notable for its vibrant Padel community, boasting clubs like Miami Padel Club and Wynwood Padel Club. However, beyond Miami, you’ll find courts in states such as Texas, California, New York, and more.

Playing padel can range in cost based on location, facilities, and membership. Typically, renting a court can cost anywhere from $10 to $60 an hour. Clubs with more facilities, like a pro shop, locker rooms, or sports coffee areas, might charge a premium. It’s always a good idea to check the rates with the specific club you’re interested in.

The perception of padel being expensive often comes from the state-of-the-art facilities many clubs offer. From LED-lit courts to advanced pro shops, the investment in creating a high-quality experience can drive up costs. Additionally, in places like Miami Beach where real estate is premium, location can play a significant factor in pricing.

Padel is a fun, sociable sport that’s relatively easy to pick up, making it accessible to many. Originating in Spain, its popularity has surged globally, now finding a fervent community in Miami and other US locations. Its rise can be attributed to its team-based nature, engaging tournaments, and the communal atmosphere clubs foster. Whether you’re looking to join a season, practice with friends, or just enjoy a game on a sunny Saturday, padel offers an exciting blend of sport and socializing.

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