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Will Padel Be Olympic: The Rise of a Global Sport Phenomenon

Padel is on the rise, taking the sports world by storm. This article delves into the growth of this thrilling sport and its potential Olympic future. Learn about the factors driving its popularity and why it's captivating audiences worldwide. Could this global phenomenon be the next big Olympic sensation? Read on to find out.

Will Padel be Olympics? Padel courts worldwide echo this timeless question, igniting the fervor of both aspiring and seasoned players of this cherished sport.

In a world where the fastest-growing sports like Padel regularly participate in the dreams of enthusiasts, this question holds weight.

With the next Olympic games on the horizon, the International Padel Federation, Olympic committee, and Padel clubs worldwide are joining forces, all with one shared goal: to see Padel take its rightful place among Olympic sports.

But does Padel meet the stringent criteria of Olympic inclusion, including compliance with the World Anti-Doping Code and the required minimum number of countries?

Experience the exhilarating world of Padel with us! Dive into the excitement of this captivating realm, as we embark on an incredible journey. Join us as we delve into the soaring popularity and global presence of this remarkable phenomenon.

Together, let’s uncover its relentless drive to secure a rightful place on the grandest stage of all: the Olympic Games. Prepare to be captivated by the unwavering pursuit and irresistible allure that propels this emerging phenomenon forward.

Requirements for Olympic Inclusion: A Daunting Task

For a sport to achieve Olympic status, it must satisfy the specific criteria set by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Let us explore these fundamental components and strive to develop a thorough comprehension:

An official international federation must govern the sport on a worldwide level. They must meet the ethical requirements of the Olympic committee and regularly participate in tournaments and events.

Adhering to the strict WADA code is mandatory. By upholding fair competition and adhering to an ethical code, the use of illegal substances is strictly prohibited.

This fosters fairness and upholds integrity in the realm of competition, ensuring an equitable environment for all participants.

Sports included in the Olympic games must rely solely on the athletes’ skills, with no motor equipment involved. In other words, true talent shines.

To be considered for Olympic inclusion, the game needs to be played in at least 75 countries and across 4 continents in the men’s category. Similarly, in the women’s category, it should be played in at least 40 countries spanning 3 continents.

different kinds of tournament medals

Does Padel Make the Grade?

With the criteria laid out, where does Padel stand in its Olympic dream?

The International Padel Federation (known as Federación Internacional de Pádel​​ in Spanish) is the governing body for this new craze.

It not only regulates padel globally but also abides by the WADA anti-doping code. Thus, padel smoothly checks off the first two criteria.

Playing padel doesn’t require any motorized equipment, just a player’s skill with a racket and ball. So, the third criterion is a breeze. The last requirement, however, poses a challenge.

While Padel has made its mark on every continent, its presence in the required number of countries, especially in the men’s category, is still growing.

But it’s not all gloomy skies. Padel has secured the Association of IOC Recognized International Sport (ARISF) status.

The recognition highlights that as Padel continues to grow and fulfills the required criteria, its dreams of becoming an Olympic sport may soon become a reality.

male player of padel holding a racket

When Will Padel Become an Olympic Sport? A Glimmer of Hope

Though the next Olympic games in Paris 2024 and Los Angeles 2028 won’t feature padel, the game’s ever-growing popularity, especially among young players, keeps the dream alive.

The recognition of Padel by ARISF represents a momentous step towards its potential inclusion as an Olympic sport.

This important acknowledgment entails close monitoring and careful consideration for its future selection in the Olympic Games.

Come 2025, the selection process for the Brisbane 2032 Olympics will begin, and all eyes will be on Padel.

The passionate Padel players, fans, and the global community will eagerly watch and hope that Padel’s day in the Olympic sun is only a matter of time.

three players playing padel inside the court

A Game for the World to Embrace

From casual matches to professional players competing at the highest level, padel’s world is vibrant and full of promise. As one of the new sports that appeal to various age groups, padel has a special charm.

The pursuit of becoming an Olympic sport exemplifies its ambition, exponential growth, and the sheer delight it brings to individuals worldwide.

Whether you engage in padel for leisure or actively partake in tournaments, the game transcends mere sport; it embodies a vibrant community, a way of life, and an exhilarating phenomenon that beckons all to join in.

Although the path to the Olympics may be arduous, it is a journey brimming with excitement and hope. So, seize a racket and become part of the game.

Who knows? You might be part of the wave that brings Padel to the Olympic stage!

Feel free to comment, leave your thoughts, and stay tuned for more updates on the fascinating world of Padel.


Currently, padel is not an Olympic sport. However, the sport has seen an immense surge in popularity, particularly in Latin America and Europe. Advocates are working hard to see “Will Padel be Olympic?” become a reality. The inclusion in the Youth Olympic Games could be a significant step forward.

Padel is often heralded as one of the fastest-growing racket sports worldwide. This team sport played on a smaller court size than tennis and squash, has captured the hearts of many. Its skill levels allow for a broad range of participation, making it an inclusive game for all.

While many established sports continue to enjoy worldwide participation, padel stands out as one of the fastest-growing sports. Particularly in regions of Europe and South America, the sport has seen a surge in new clubs and courts.

Spain and Argentina are leading the padel wave, with Spain often considered the epicenter of padel tournaments and events. However, its growing popularity in Latin America means more countries are competing for the top spot on the padel tour.

Many sports haven’t made it to the Olympics, and Padel is currently one of them. While tennis, squash, and other sports compete in the event, padel, despite its rising fame, is still waiting for its Olympic inclusion.

Padel originated in Mexico in the 1960s. However, Spain and Argentina have played pivotal roles in popularizing and advancing the sport, giving it the global appeal it enjoys today.

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