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Top Famous Padel Players and Their Achievements

Welcome to our blog post about the stars of Padel! Padel is an exciting sport that combines tennis and squash, and it’s gaining popularity worldwide due to its fun, energetic, and accessible nature.

In this article, we’ll highlight some of the most renowned Padel players and their notable victories. These athletes have not only mastered the game but also played a significant role in its growing popularity.

Whether you’re an experienced player or just starting, join us as we explore the thrilling world of Padel and its top performers. Let’s dive in!

1. Juan Lebrón Chincoa

A Spanish player, is widely recognized in the world of Padel. He has made significant contributions and achieved numerous victories in prestigious tournaments, securing his position as a top-ranked player in the sport.

Born on January 30, 1995, in the beautiful city of El Puerto De Santa María, Andalusia, Spain. His journey into Padel started with his father’s influence, who was also an avid player. Once he held a racket, he was immediately hooked.

He dedicated himself to the sport, practicing relentlessly and participating in lower-tier tournaments and various sports events. Through hard work and determination, he developed his skills to the level he is at today.

  1. Breaking Records: Juan Lebrón Chincoa created a milestone in Padel history by becoming the first Spanish-born player to secure the World Padel Tour (WPT) title, thereby breaking the long-standing dominance of Argentinian players in the sport.

  2. Consistent Top Ranking: For the past four years, Lebrón has held his ground as the No.1 ranked player in Padel, according to the WPT rankings.

  3. Dominant Duo: Alongside Ale Galan, he has maintained the No.1 pair title since 2019, further cementing their position as one of the most successful duos in Padel.

  4. Paris Premier Victory: One of the crowning jewels in Lebrón’s career is his victory at the Paris Premier, held at the iconic Roland Garros venue. This victory added another feather to his cap and further solidified his status as a top player in the sport.

Lebrón’s dedication and commitment to Padel is truly inspiring for everyone – professionals, amateurs, and fans. His impressive lineup of sponsors, such as Red Bull and Babolat, speaks volumes about his influence and popularity. Babolat, in particular, supplies all his sports equipment and outfits.

Juan Lebrón Chincoa

2. Fernando Belasteguín

Fernando Belasteguín, often called “Bela” or “The Boss”, is a top Padel player from Argentina. Many people think he is one of the greatest players ever.

Bela was born on May 19, 1979, in Pehuajó, a town in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He started playing Padel when he was very young. Before he got into Padel, he liked soccer and played at Club Atlético Gral. San Martín. But soon, he saw that he could have a better future in Padel.

  1. Bela has done very well in Padel. He became the Padel World Champion in 2002, 2004, 2006, 2014, and 2016. He is the only player who has been the #1 player in the world for 16 years in a row.

    From September 2005 to May 2007, he didn’t lose a single match – that’s one year and nine months straight! During that time, he won 22 tournaments in a row.

Bela has had a big effect on Padel. He has set many records and is famous for his amazing skills. His hard work, commitment, and success have inspired many Padel players around the world. His story, from a small town in Argentina to becoming the best Padel player in the world, shows his talent and determination.

Fernando Belasteguín

3. Alejandro Galán

Alejandro Galán, also known as “Ale Galán”, is a top Padel player from Spain. Right now, he’s the highest-ranked player in the World Padel Tour.

Ale Galán was born on May 15, 1996, in Madrid, Spain. He started loving Padel at a young age and began his career over 17 years ago. People started noticing him in 2016. Even though he started from a simple background, he has become the top player in the World Padel Tour.

  1. Galán’s career is impressive because he became the top player in the World Padel Tour very quickly. He’s also the youngest male player to win a final master’s degree.

    So far, he’s played 380 matches in the World Padel Tour. He won 273 of them and even had 18 wins in a row. These numbers show why he’s the best player in the world right now.

There isn’t specific information about what Galán does in the Professional Padel Association. But, as the top-ranked player, he has a big influence on the sport. His success and dedication have helped Padel become more popular.

All of these things make Alejandro Galán an important person in the world of Padel.

Alejandro Galán

4. Roby Gattiker and Alejandro Lasaigues

Roby Gattiker and Alejandro Lasaigues are two famous Padel players. They’re both from Argentina and were very successful in the 1990s.

Gattiker and Lasaigues started playing Padel in Argentina. They teamed up and quickly became one of the best teams in Padel history.

Gattiker and Lasaigues were the top teams in the world for five years in a row. During that time, they didn’t lose a single match. This made them very popular among people who love Padel.

Even though they don’t play professionally anymore, Gattiker and Lasaigues are still involved in Padel. Lasaigues is now the director of a big Padel tournament. He also works as a sports advisor for the Argentine Padel Association. His job is to use his experience and knowledge to help make Padel more popular in Argentina.

So, Gattiker and Lasaigues have done a lot for Padel. They’re important people in the sport.

Roby Gattiker and Alejandro Lasaigues

5. Arturo Coello

Arturo Coello, also known as “El Rey Arturo” and “Arturito”, is a top Padel player from Spain. Right now, he’s the second-best player in the World Padel Tour.

Arturo Coello was born on March 8, 2002, in Mojados, a town in Valladolid, Spain. He started playing Padel when he was 7 years old. At first, he also played tennis and football. But by the time he was 10, he decided to just focus on Padel.

Arturo first showed up in the World Padel Tour rankings in 2017. He started getting better in 2019 when he played with Pincho Fernandez, Fran Ramirez Navas, and Guga Vazquez. In 2020, he teamed up with Iván Ramírez, another really good young player.

Together, they got a lot of attention and became a strong team. At the end of 2020, Padel Spain named Arturo the “Revelation Player” at the World Padel Awards.

Arturo has a bright future in Padel. He’s currently the second-best player in the world. He and his partner, Agustín Tapia, are the best Padel team in the world. He’s one of the players who will be good in the next few years. He’s getting better and better, and he’s becoming a more complete player.

So, Arturo Coello has done a lot for Padel. He’s an important person in the sport.

Arturo Coello

Wrapping Up

We’ve talked about some big names in Padel – Roby Gattiker, Alejandro Lasaigues, and Arturo Coello. These guys have done some amazing things in the sport.

Gattiker and Lasaigues were a dream team from Argentina. They were unbeatable for five years! Even though they don’t play anymore, they’re still involved in Padel. Lasaigues is now a director of a big Padel tournament and helps the Argentine Padel Association.

On the other hand, Arturo Coello is a rising star from Spain. He’s only 21, but he’s already the second-best player in the world. He was named “Revelation Player” in 2020, and he and his partner are the best team in the world.

These players have had a big impact on Padel. They’ve won important matches, helped make the sport more popular, and inspired new players. They show us that with hard work and passion, you can achieve great things in Padel.

Looking ahead, the future of Padel seems exciting. With players like Arturo leading the way, the sport will continue to grow and get even more popular. So whether you’re a fan or a player, there’s a lot to look forward to in the world of Padel.


Lebron in Padel refers to a player known for their skill. The “best” is subjective and can change based on world rankings and recent performance. Lebron is recognized in the padel scene for their professional career.

Spain and Argentina are the top countries where padel is most popular. These nations have a strong padel scene, with numerous courts and a high number of players.

The age of a Padel player named Lebron varies. Professional padel player profiles, including those for top players, often list their age.

Yes, professional padel players compete in national and international tournaments. They use specialized padel rackets and often play on a padel court. The sport includes ex-professional tennis players too.

Luis Estrada’s padel ranking depends on his performance in tournaments. Rankings in Padel are updated based on players’ results, including in master finals and main draws.

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