Where to Play Padel in the USA? Discover Padel Courts in USA

Where to Play Padel in the USA? Discover Padel Courts in USA

In the United States, finding a place to play padel can be tricky. While Spain has over 15,000 padel courts, the US has only 180 courts in 56 places. This is much less than sports like Pickleball, which just need a hard surface and a net. Padel courts need more space and special resources to set up.

But, there are some great places for padel enthusiasts to sWhere to Play Padel in the USA? Discover Padel Courts in USAtart or continue their padel adventures. Here’s where you can find some of the best padel facilities in the US:

Near Philadelphia in Bala Cynwyd, PADELphia stands out as a leading padel facility in the United States. It offers both indoor and outdoor courts, making it a favorite among padel players nationwide.

Since opening in 2019, PADELphia has turned into a major center for padel, hosting tournaments that attract clubs nationwide. The club offers lessons for every skill level, led by USPTA-certified coaches, making it a perfect spot for beginners to learn padel properly.

PADELphia’s clinics have brought over 500 new players to the sport, many of them kids. It’s crucial to get kids involved in Padel to ensure its growth, promising a bright future for the sport with young players joining in.

Padelphia Bala Cynywd
Image from PADELphia Website.

2. Padel Haus, New York City

In New York City, Padel Haus emerges as a major padel destination. Founded by Santiago Gomez in June 2022, this club embodies his passion and entrepreneurial spirit for padel. With support from investors, Gomez’s vision brought Padel into the heart of the Big Apple.

The inaugural Padel Haus was set up in Williamsburg, just a short distance from the city’s core. Due to its initial success and growing interest, two more locations were added in Domino Park and Dumbo Brooklyn. The Williamsburg site features 8 top-quality padel courts, alongside amenities like a juice bar and recovery rooms, attracting both locals and the Spanish-speaking community.

Padel Haus gained national recognition by hosting a USPA Tournament, showcasing the importance of access to quality coaching for the sport’s growth in the US. Following its New York City success, plans are underway to expand Padel Haus to Nashville and Greenpoint, further spreading the Padel culture.

Padel Haus NYC
Image from Padel Haus Website.

3. Wynwood Padel Club, Miami

Meanwhile, in Miami, the Wynwood Padel Club thrives, thanks in part to the area’s Spanish-speaking population. With 8 outdoor padel courts, Wynwood stands out in the US padel scene. Miami’s favorable climate allows for frequent outdoor play, an advantage over other regions that might need indoor courts.

One key feature of Wynwood is its easy online booking for professional coaching, catering to all skill levels from beginners to advanced players. This access to quality coaching is crucial for player development and preventing common mistakes among newcomers.

Wynwood Padel Club
Image from Wynwood Padel Club Website.

4. P1 Padel, Las Vegas

In Las Vegas, P1 Padel at the Real Racket Academy stands out as a leading padel destination on the West Coast. Recently acquired by P1 Padel, this club is now home to some of the most respected coaches in the sport, offering lessons and clinics suitable for all levels of players. With its 8 courts, P1 Padel is among the largest padel venues in the United States, emphasizing the need for effective promotion to spark interest in this burgeoning sport.

Las Vegas’s favorable climate offers an excellent advantage for outdoor padel play, unlike other US locations that might require indoor facilities due to colder weather.

P1 Padel - Padel Club in Las Vegas
Image from P1 Padel Website

5. iPadel, Houston

Down in Houston, iPadel, established in 2016 by Spanish professional padel player Belen Salcedo, stands as one of the pioneering padel facilities in the US. Salcedo’s vision was to share her love for Padel with Americans, and iPadel has become a central hub for the sport in the south. Offering easy online booking, group lessons, summer camps, and even parties, iPadel also hosts tournaments that draw local clubs together.

With Belen Salcedo leading the way, iPadel symbolizes the growing popularity of padel in the United States, showcasing the sport’s appeal to racket sports enthusiasts across the nation.

iPadel Houston
Image from IPadel Houston Website.

6. Reserve Padel, Miami

Reserve Padel in Miami is like the exclusive club for padel enthusiasts, set up by businessman Wayne Boich. This members-only padel club is well-known for its excellent wellness amenities, top-notch padel courts, and beautiful surroundings.

The club has been the venue for exhibition matches and professional tournaments. Recently, it hosted The Reserve Cup, attracting some of the world’s best padel players. The event was a big hit and is a sign of Padel’s growing popularity in the US.

Reserve Padel, Miami
Photo Credit to Rosa Jimenez Cano


In places like New York, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, or Miami, you’ve got a chance to join in on padel, an exciting sport that’s quietly making waves here in the U.S. Though it might not yet be a household name like in other parts of the world, there’s a real push happening to get more folks into the game. And there’s an ambitious dream on the horizon – by 2030, the folks at the US Padel Association are aiming to sprinkle the country with 30,000 courts!

No matter if you’re in sunny Florida, busy Dallas, or picturesque San Diego, padel is becoming increasingly popular. The key is to just get out there, hit some balls with a racket, and enjoy yourself. This sport is rapidly becoming one of the most popular activities, offering plenty of fun for anyone willing to try it.


Padel can be played in various locations across the US, including but not limited to New York, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, Miami, San Diego, San Francisco, Oklahoma City, and Boynton Beach. There are both indoor and outdoor padel courts available in states such as Florida, Texas, Illinois, California, Arizona, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and Nevada. Notable venues include the Barnes Tennis Center and padel clubs on Key Biscayne and Venice Island.

The number of padel courts in the US is constantly changing because the sport is growing, but it’s still much less than in countries where padel is more popular. Despite this, padel’s popularity in the US is quickly rising, with new clubs and courts popping up every year.

In the US, people often call the sport “padel,” just like in other countries. It’s known as one of the fastest-growing racket sports, both in the US and around the world.

The cost to play padel can vary widely depending on the location, the type of facility (indoor or outdoor), and whether you’re playing at a public court or a private club. Some places might offer first-time lessons or court rentals at a lower introductory rate, while others may require a club membership. Generally, prices can range from affordable options for new players to premium pricing for exclusive clubs and high-demand areas.

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