Palbea Padel Overgrip Review

Palbea Padel Overgrip Review

Introducing the Palbea Padel Overgrip, a must-have for every padel racket enthusiast. Designed for both padel and tennis players, this overgrip is the perfect solution for those seeking extra grip and comfort. Whether you’re replacing an original grip or enhancing your current one, the Palbea Overgrip offers a firm grip and superior absorbent qualities.

Ideal for anyone looking to improve their game, this overgrip absorbs sweat effectively, ensuring a good grip throughout your match. Its cotton backing adds to the comfort, allowing for a better hold and control over your padel rackets. Upgrade your grip size and experience with Palbea Padel Overgrip for an enhanced playing experience.

palbea padel overgrip

Palbea Padel Overgrip is a high-quality grip tape made for padel and tennis rackets. It offers improved grip and excellent sweat absorption, ensuring a comfortable and non-slip experience during play. This overgrip is a great choice for padel and tennis enthusiasts alike.

Best for Padel and Tennis Players

Why Would You Like It?

This is a real game-changer for Padel and tennis players. With its excellent grip and high sweat absorption, it’s a reliable choice for intense matches. The grip tape offers enhanced comfort and anti-slip performance, ensuring a firm hold on your racket. This reduces the impact on your joints and helps improve your game.

  • Brand: Palbea

  • Pack Options: Comes in various pack options

  • Material: Polyurethane (PU)

  • Design: Revolutionary 3-layer design
  • Grip EnhancementMaterial crafted to boost grip and adherence on the handle

  • Comfortable Use: Perfect blend of sensitivity and vibration dampening for a comfortable grip

  • Sweat Absorption: Designed to rapidly absorb hand sweat, maintaining dryness
  • Anti-Slip Performance: Combines sensitivity, comfort, adherence, and sweat absorption for optimal grip

  • Durability: Made from fortified material for increased tear-resistance

Wrapping Up

It stands out as an exceptional choice for both amateur and professional players in racket sports. As a brand dedicated to enhancing your padel match experience, Palbea offers highly absorbent replacement grips. These grips effectively absorb sweat, ensuring a comfortable and firm hold throughout your game.

The natural oxidation reaction process used in the manufacturing of these grips ensures long-lasting performance and durability. Ideal for any racquet handle, the Palbea Padel Overgrip is a reliable addition for anyone looking to upgrade their game with superior quality grips.

Popularity of Padel


Yes, tennis overgrip can be used for padel. However, for best results, choose overgrips designed for padel, as they are more absorbent and suited to the game’s specific needs.

The main grip is thicker and provides the base cushioning on your racket. An overgrip is thinner and goes over the main grip to offer additional absorbency, prevent slipping, and maintain a soft, secure hold.

For sweaty hands, choose overgrips that are highly absorbent and tacky. These grips prevent slipping and maintain a secure grip throughout the game.

To fix an overgrip, start by removing any worn grip. Wrap the new overgrip smoothly and evenly around the handle, starting from the bottom. Ensure it’s secure but not overly tight to avoid losing cushioning. Finish by securing the end with the provided adhesive.

Yes, you can put two overgrips on a racquet. Some players prefer this for extra thickness and cushioning. However, be aware that this might change the feel and thickness of the handle.

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