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How to Choose the Best Padel Shoes With Grip & Comfort

Discover the pivotal role of choosing the right padel shoes to elevate your performance and ensure a safe, enjoyable game.

Padel, a sport gaining remarkable popularity, has ushered in an increasing number of manufacturers creating specially designed footwear to enhance performance while minimizing injuries. Like a padel racket, the right shoes can grant players a competitive edge, safeguard their feet and joints, and propel them toward mastery in this thrilling sport.

Whether you’re an amateur just starting or a pro competing in the World Padel Tour, having the right Padel shoes is crucial. Let’s delve into the world of premium Padel shoes and uncover how to choose the best Padel shoes.


Choosing padel shoes isn’t just about aesthetics; the proper footwear significantly influences your game. Crafted uniquely for padel, these shoes offer added grip and cushioning that surpasses conventional running or tennis shoes, reducing the risk of foot injuries.

Padel demands more sudden twists, rotations, and pivots than other racket sports. Given its smaller court size and racket, the shoes must accommodate extensive sideways movements, assist in ball rebound off the wall, and ensure knee safety.

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The Anatomy of Padel Footwear

Innovatively designed to cater to diverse requirements, padel shoes come with varying soles, grip levels suitable for different padel courts, and bounce technology to keep you in control. When purchasing Padel shoes, look for sturdy shoes with robust undersides for durability and a softer upper for lightness and agility.

Remember, the choice of shoes can differ between a World Padel Tour player and a casual player at a local Padel club. Several factors, including the type of sole and court conditions, influence the ideal padel shoe selection. So, discovering your perfect match might require some experimentation.

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Padel Shoes: A Closer Look

Padel shoes are unique footwear designed explicitly for the Padel sport. Opting for the right Padel shoes instead of general running shoes or tennis shoes is crucial as they offer enhanced cushioning and grip, which can help prevent injuries.

Padel, with its multitude of twists and pivots, demands more from your shoes due to its smaller court size and reduced racket size. This means your shoes should be capable of handling excessive sideways movements, assisting in ball rebounds, and safeguarding your knees.

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Padel Shoes vs. Tennis Shoes: Spotting the Difference

Understanding the difference between Padel shoes and Tennis shoes is crucial for maximizing your performance on the court. When choosing Padel shoes, it’s necessary to remember that Padel is a unique sport with specific requirements.

In Padel, you’ll encounter a range of movements that demand premium Padel shoes with a certain amount of grip, flexible midsole, and cushioning to keep up with the dynamic play. Padel players often favor a good padel shoe with a herringbone sole, known for its excellent traction on most padel courts, especially those with sandy surfaces.

On the other hand, tennis shoes are designed with forward motions and lunges in mind, and while they may suffice on a Padel court, they lack some of the essential features of top Padel shoes. For example, they might need to provide more grip or the correct type of grip required on an artificial grass Padel court. Whether playing Padel at local clubs or aspiring for the World Padel Tour, remember that the right Padel shoes can significantly enhance your gameplay.

The best padel shoes like Babolat Jet Premura, Adidas Court Jam Control, or Asics Gel Resolution have specific features like a sturdy shoe upper, durable shock absorption, and maximum grip for optimal performance. And it doesn’t stop at men’s shoes—there are also fantastic Padel shoes for women designed for comfort and performance.

So whether you’re a male or female player, purchasing new Padel shoes should be a thoughtful process. Look for shoes intended for Padel with a herringbone patterned Adiwear outsole, mesh uppers for lighter weight, and a flexible yet durable outsole.

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The Leading Brands Crafting Padel Shoes

Several top brands are producing high-quality padel footwear. Not only do they offer durable and comfortable shoes, but they also provide prompt customer service and endorsements from governing sports bodies.

  1. Babolat: This Spanish brand is well-known in racket sports and is a trusted name for all padel needs, from rackets and balls to shoes.

  2. Bullpadel: Favoured by professionals like Maxi Sanchez, Bullpadel caters to all skill levels and age ranges.

  3. Head: Apart from tennis and padel rackets, Head also manufactures top-quality padel footwear. As the official ball brand of the WPT, they’ve significantly impacted the sport.

  4. Munich: Known for its versatile approach to racket sports, Munich is gradually carving a niche in padel.

  5. Nox: Nox offers comprehensive equipment for padel, including shoes designed to elevate the game of amateur players.

  6. Nike: Although not a specific Padel shoe brand, Nike’s tennis shoes have proven effective on the Padel court, demonstrating the brand’s overarching sports influence.

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Your Guide to Choosing the Perfect Padel Shoes

When selecting the best padel shoes, here are some key factors to consider:

  • Grip: Ensure your shoes offer sufficient grip to handle artificial grass turf on the court without causing trips or falls. With its firm grip, a herringbone sole is ideal for sandy environments.

  • Stability: If you’re prone to ankle sprains or similar injuries, look for shoes with high strength. Wearing sturdy shoes can keep injuries at bay.

  • Comfort: Prolonged hours on the court can lead to discomfort. Hence, choose a shoe with excellent ergonomics and relief, making it comfortable for extended wear.

  • Cushioning: Extra cushioning is crucial, especially if you’re on the heavier side. Padel action is significantly lower than tennis, necessitating more cushioning to handle the gravitational pull and joint strain.

  • Durability: Opt for shoes that withstand heavy usage and maintain their structure even after extensive wear and tear.

Your Guide to Choosing the Perfect Padel Shoes

Deciding When to Upgrade Your Padel Shoes

Padel is a rigorous sport with fast, frequent lateral movements that can wear down your shoes quickly. One of the most significant indicators that it’s time to purchase new Padel shoes is when the outsole starts to lose its pattern and grip. Don’t wait until you’re uncomfortable or—worse—nursing an injury before investing in a fresh pair of shoes.

For those who play padel regularly, alternating between multiple pairs of shoes can extend the lifespan of each team. Not only does this offer variety, but it also gives your shoes time to rest and recover, keeping them fresher for longer.

Wrapping Up

Choosing the proper footwear for Padel is more than a preference; it’s necessary. Whether you frequently play on gravel and padel courts or indoor courts, the right shoes designed explicitly for Padel, like padel trainers, can make a difference.

When choosing padel shoes, consider the shoe’s upper: a good mesh upper offers breathability and comfort. A herringbone pattern on the sole is ideal, ensuring the perfect grip and enough traction to accommodate fast movements without compromising stability.

Consider the balance between too much grip, which might restrict fluid movements, and too little grip, which can result in slips and injuries. Remember, the best shoes for Padel are those with the proper grip, not necessarily tennis or running shoes. A good Padel shoe ensures an ideal grip, comfort, and stability mix to excel in different soles and conditions. Both male and female players will benefit from investing in the right shoe that provides a perfect fit and comfort for long-lasting play.

Brands like Asics are often favorites due to their excellent sole design and grip. So next time you head to the Padel clubs, ensure you’re armed with the proper footwear. It’s a choice that can make or break your game.

Growing Popularity of Padel

Padel Tennis, an inventive hybrid of tennis and squash, is experiencing a substantial upsurge in global popularity. As of 2023, statistics from the International Padel Federation reveal that over 12 million individuals are engaging with this sport, indicating an almost three-fold growth over the past decade. Interestingly, in its native country, Spain, Padel Tennis has outpaced traditional tennis in participant numbers. Correspondingly, in the digital world, the keyword “How Popular Is Padel” has seen a steep increase in Google Trends. Factors contributing to this popularity surge include the sport’s approachable nature for beginners, its sociability, and the proliferation of Padel clubs, leagues, and tournaments across the globe.


The proper footwear for Padel is a pair of shoes specifically designed for the sport. Good padel shoes are designed with superior grip to help you maneuver quickly and confidently on the court. If you play frequently, it’s worth investing in premium options to ensure comfort and performance.

Padel shoes often have soles with a herringbone pattern to provide an optimal level of grip on padel courts, which can often be sandy or artificial grass surfaces. They are also designed to provide stability during the fast, multidirectional movements that the game requires. Features such as lightweight design, breathable materials, durable outsoles, and comfortable cushioning are also standard in good padel shoes.

While tennis shoes can be used for a casual padel game, they are not ideal if you play frequently or at a competitive level. Padel shoes are designed specifically for the unique movements and court surfaces of Padel, offering the right balance of grip, stability, and comfort. Tennis shoes may need to provide more grip, especially on sandy or artificial grass courts.

Padel shoes should fit comfortably. They should be snug enough to provide stability and control during movements but not so tight that they cause discomfort or restrict circulation. A properly fitting padel shoe supports the foot during intense play and reduces the risk of injuries.

Yes, using the proper shoes designed explicitly for Padel can significantly improve your performance and comfort on the court. They provide the appropriate grip, stability, and flexibility necessary for quick lateral movements in the Padel. Good padel shoes also offer better shock absorption and protection for your feet.

Clay shoes can work on padel courts due to their similar grip and stability features. However, they might provide a different level of performance than shoes designed explicitly for Padel. Investing in proper padel shoes is still the best option for frequent or competitive players.

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