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Adidas Metalbone Lite Padel Racket Review

Adidas Metalbone HRD 3.1 Padel Racket

Brand Name: Adidas

Model: Metalbone Lite

Skill Level: Intermediate

Reviews Rating: 4.6 out of 5

Surface Composition: Fiberglass Elasticized-Fabric

Best for Intermediate Players Seeking Power & Control

When it comes to padel rackets, one stands out as a supreme blend of power, comfort, and control: The Adidas Metalbone Padel Racket. Lauded by WPT players like Ale Galan and Alex Ruiz, it’s quickly become the racket of choice for those seeking a harmonious blend of power and finesse.

Metalbone, in essence, represents Adidas’s unique concoction: a medium-hard racket characterized by flexible surfaces coupled with a soft core. It offers players a comforting grip and swing, making the game not just about skill, but also about pure enjoyment.

Crafted with precision, the Adidas Metalbone boasts a myriad of top-notch features:

  • 6K Carbon Construction: Lends the racket a durable frame and a lightweight feel.

  • EVA Rubber Core: Enhances the soft performance core, ensuring that each hit is both powerful and controlled.

  • Diamond-shaped Design: Perfect for those aggressive shots, ensuring good momentum and maximum power.

  • Octagonal Structure Technology: This gives the racket more hardness, structural reinforcement, and greater rigidity, ensuring it remains a reliable partner on the court.

Beyond its stellar features, the Adidas Metalbone provides a comfortable grip, a forgiving nature, and a sweet spot that’s perfectly placed. Its Aluminized Carbon Fiber Surface significantly reduces vibration, ensuring your game remains steady and your wrist, strain-free.

“The Adidas Metalbone has completely transformed my game. The power and control are unparalleled!” – Jorge, C.

“From the moment I held it, I knew it was special. The materials, the grip, the balance, the power – it’s the complete package.” – Michael, V.

  • High Balance & Customizable Weight: Allows players to adapt their game on the fly.

  • Versatile Shot Techniques: Thanks to its diamond shape and softcore.

  • Durable Frame: 6K carbon construction means it’s built to last.

  • Reduced Vibration: The Octagonal Structure ensures smooth play, minimizing strain.
  • Might be overwhelming for beginners due to its power.

  • Requires good technique to fully harness its potential.

In the world of padel rackets, few can match the prowess of the Adidas Metalbone. From its impeccable construction to the rave reviews it’s garnered, it’s a testament to Adidas’s commitment to excellence. Whether you’re aiming for those aggressive shots or simply wanting to elevate your game, the Metalbone is your ticket to padel prowess.

If you’re in the market for a racket that ticks all boxes of performance, durability, and style, the Adidas Metalbone Lite Padel Racket might just be your match made in Padel Heaven.

Our Review of the Adidas Metalbone Padel Racket by Padel Pioneers

The moment the Adidas Metalbone Padel Racket was released, we, at Padel Pioneers, couldn’t resist but get our hands on it. We were buzzing with anticipation, ready to put this racket to the test and offer our fellow padel enthusiasts a genuine, hands-on padel racket review.

First things first, the Metalbone Lite stands out uniquely in the sea of rackets. Contrary to what you might assume, it isn’t cluttered with fancy technical features. It’s a straightforward and uncomplicated racket, making it incredibly user-friendly.

But who’s it for? Given its design and function, we wholeheartedly recommend it to high-level and medium-level attack players. If you’re someone who loves to be on the offensive and dictate the pace of the game, the Metalbone Lite could be your perfect match.

One of its standout features is how it combines power with control. It’s a powerful but manageable racket. This means even if you go for those aggressive shots, you won’t find the racket overwhelming or hard to control. Plus, every time you grip it, there’s an excellent feeling of comfort. It feels like an extension of your arm, not an additional weight you have to carry.

A major highlight is the OCTAGONAL STRUCTURE System incorporated into the frame and core of the racket. This isn’t just a fancy term – it adds genuine value. This technology offers stability and reinforces the strength of the racket, making your shots more effective and the racket more durable.

However, it’s not all praise. While we love the Metalbone Lite for its strengths, it’s not the best choice for players with defensive play. If you’re someone who hangs back and plays cautiously, this might not be your ideal padel racket.

We’ve also caught wind of the upcoming Adidas Metalbone 3.1 2023. If it continues in the lineage of its predecessor, we’re in for another treat. But for now, based on our comprehensive testing and analysis, the Adidas Metalbone Lite Padel Racket secures a firm thumbs up from us. Give it a go if you’re looking to elevate your aggressive playstyle!


Fiberglass Rackets: Fiberglass is more flexible, offering a comfortable feel but less control. It’s typically cheaper and might suit beginners.
Carbon Fiber Rackets: Carbon fiber offers greater rigidity, leading to more control and power. This material is preferred by advanced players for its durability and precision.

A light padel racket generally weighs between 340 to 360 grams. Light rackets provide better maneuverability and are often preferred by beginners or those looking to improve their defensive play.

Choosing a padel racket depends on your play style, level of experience, and personal preferences. Consider factors like weight, shape (diamond, teardrop, or round), and material (fiberglass or carbon fiber). Consulting a coach or expert can provide personalized advice.

Ale Galán, a prominent professional Padel player, has been known to use the Adidas Metalbone Padel Racket, specifically designed to suit his aggressive playstyle.

The price of a Padel racket depends on materials, technology, brand, and design. High-quality materials like carbon fiber and advanced technologies like OCTOGONAL STRUCTURE contribute to higher costs. Additionally, professional-grade rackets used by WPT players will often be more expensive.

Ale Galán uses the Adidas Metalbone Padel Racket. It has been crafted to cater to his unique style and the needs of other high-level attack players.

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