AT10 Luxury Genius 18K Alum 2024 Review: Agustín Tapia

AT10 Luxury Genius 18K Alum 2024 Review: Agustín Tapia

Discover the AT10 Luxury Genius 18K Alum 2024, the ultimate choice for advanced padel players. This top-tier, medium to heavyweight racket combines a teardrop shape with medium balance, optimizing both power and maneuverability. Its pulse system technology and rough surface make it exceptionally fast and effective in play.

Part of an exclusive luxury range, it features cutting-edge weight distribution and EOS flap technology for a stiffer, more solid feel. With new materials designed to absorb vibrations and adapt to temperature changes, this padel racket ensures comfort and precision. Experience a total technological revolution on the court with the AT10 Luxury Genius 18K Alum 2024, where power meets finesse.

AT10 Luxury Genius 18K Alum 2024

Product Details:

Shape: Drop2

Weight: 360-375 grams2

Core: MLD Black Eva2

Level: Advanced / Expert

Foam: Hybrid

Shape: Teardrop

Surface material: carbon 18k

Type of racket: Versatility

Gender: Man, Woman

Best for Advanced Players Seeking a Versatile, Medium-Hard, Maneuverable Racket

AT10 Luxury Genius 18K Alum 2024 is a padel racket designed by Agustín Tapia. This racket combines the best materials and technologies to offer exceptional performance on the court. It stands out for its exceptional performance in all aspects of the game. Its perfect balance will allow you to control the ball with precision, while its power will help you make powerful shots

Why Would You Like It?

It offers exceptional performance thanks to its high-quality materials and advanced technologies. It provides a perfect balance between control and power, making it ideal for advanced players seeking a versatile, medium-hard, maneuverable racket. With its elegant design, it will make you stand out on the court.

The Bottom Line

The AT10 Luxury Genius 18K Alum 2024 padel racket combines a rough surface for enhanced grip, a teardrop shape for perfect balance, and state-of-the-art EOS flap technology for a stiffer feel and more powerful play. This fast and lethal racket ensures a solid yet comfortable experience on the court. Featuring innovative weight distribution and pulse system technology, it offers more power and a better grip, making every shot count. Designed with two rubber bands for an improved grip and crafted from new materials to withstand temperature changes, this paddle racket is a standout in the luxury range for its balance, power, and adaptability.

Popularity of Padel


The primary difference lies in the carbon fiber construction. The AT10 Luxury Genius 18K uses 18K carbon alum, known for a stiffer feel, providing a more solid and comfortable touch. On the other hand, the 12K version might use a different carbon fiber density, affecting the racket’s overall feel and performance. Both versions are part of the entire luxury range, incorporating new technologies and materials for improved grip, balance, and speed.

The distinction between the NOX AT10 Genius 18K and 12K models mainly revolves around the carbon fiber weave used in their construction. The 18K version, with its aluminized carbon fiber, offers a rough surface for increased grip and pioneering system to increase aerodynamics and reduce vibrations. The 12K model may focus on different aspects of play, such as speed or control, but the specific differences will depend on the unique design and technology applied to each model.

Agustin Tapia, the renowned padel player, is known for using the AT10 Luxury Genius range. While specific preferences can vary, the 18K version, known as the Genius 18K Alum, is highly favored for its exceptional balance between power and control, making it suitable for professional-level play. Its design includes features like replaceable safety laces and silica sand blasting for greater resistance and a very comfortable feel, catering to advanced players like Tapia.

In padel rackets, “18K” refers to the density and arrangement of carbon fiber threads used in the racket’s construction. An 18K carbon fiber weave provides a denser, more compact piece with intermediate hardness, offering players a stiffer feel, increased grip, and improved aerodynamics. This contributes to a racket that delivers more power, better control, and a solid yet comfortable playing experience. The AT10 Luxury Genius 18K incorporates this material in its face for enhanced performance.

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