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Best Padel Rackets for Kids: Expert Guide & Tips

Navigating the world of junior padel rackets can be a maze, especially when your goal is to find the perfect match for a budding young player. As the sport of padel grows in popularity, the variety of kids’ padel rackets on the market also expands.

It’s not just about picking the best padel racket anymore; it’s about understanding the nuances of the racket’s shape, the subtleties of balance and power, and the importance of a comfortable grip size tailored to a child’s hand.

Whether it’s a lightweight design for the youngest players or a specially designed racket for those nearing their teenage years, the details matter.

Join us as we explore the top choices, consider the main brands, and discover what makes a Padel racket the right fit for young enthusiasts. Dive in, and let’s ensure the next game on the Padel court is their best yet!

Factors to Ponder When Picking a Padel Racket for Kids

  • Size & Weight: Ensure the racket size complements the child’s age and height. Lighter rackets, typically between 200-250 grams, are ideal for beginners.

  • Grip: The grip should be ergonomic, fitting comfortably in a child’s hand. Overgrips can be an added advantage.

  • Balance: A well-balanced racket between the head and handle ensures good control over shots.

  • Shape: For beginners, round-shaped rackets with a larger sweet spot are recommended. As they progress, diamond or teardrop-shaped might be more suitable.

  • Material: Aluminum is durable and great for younger kids, while carbon fiber offers lightweight sturdiness for older ones.

Equip your child with the right padel racket, and watch them flourish in this captivating sport! Remember, the best padel rackets for kids are those that align with their skill level, age, and playing style.

No. Brand Name Model Skill Level Reviews Rating
1 Padel-Racket-Carbon-Fiber-Power-Lite-Pop-Tennis-Paddle-Paddleball-Racquets GRANDCOW Kids Padel Racket Beginners to Intermediate 4.6/5
2Zusset-Kick-of-Kids-Paddle-Tennis Zusset Kick of Kids Padel Tennis Racket Beginners 4.8/5
3Padel-Racket-Carbon-Fiber-Surface WLSRW Padel Racket for Kids Tennis Set Intermediate to Advanced 4.7/5
4Babolat-Viper-Junior-Padel-Racket-1 Babolat Viper Junior Padel Racket Intermediate 4.7/5
5Xenon-Vortex-Junior-Platform-Tennis-Paddle Xenon Vortex Kids Padel Racket Beginner to Intermediate 4.8/5

Brand Name: GRANDCOW

Model: Kids Padel Racket
Skill Level: Beginners to Intermediate
Reviews Rating: 4.6/5

Best for Robust Training Sessions

The GRANDCOW Kids Padel Racket has been specially designed for young padel enthusiasts. This racket offers features tailored for children, ensuring that it’s fun to play with and functional for their specific needs.

  • Specially designed for children: This racket ensures that kids, aged 5-10 years, can easily pick up the sport and develop their skills efficiently.
  • Lightweight & Sturdy Construction: Kids will find it easy to swing and control. The sturdy construction ensures it can withstand energetic plays, ensuring longevity.
  • Colorful Design: It’s not just about the play; the colorful design ensures your child is enthusiastic about the sport and takes pride in their equipment.
  • Durable: With the proper care, this racket is made to last, ensuring your child gets the most out of their playing time.
  • Comes with a Carrying Bag: For easy transport and storage, the racket includes a carrying bag perfect for moving between games or training sessions.

The GRANDCOW Kids Padel Racket stands out in the market, especially when compared to its peers. Its combination of being lightweight yet durably constructed makes it suitable for kids. Plus, the colorful design will catch the eye and make Padel sessions all the more enjoyable for children.

Most customers rave about its durability and it’s specially designed for kids. The lightweight feature is often highlighted, making it easy for children to pick up and play. The carrying bag is a hit among parents for its easy transport and storage capabilities.

  • Specially designed for children aged 5-10 years: Tailored to suit their physique and skill level.
  • Lightweight: Allows for better control and less strain on young muscles.
  • Sturdy construction & durability: Ensures it withstands the rigorous plays of enthusiastic kids.
  • Carrying Bag Included: For easy transport and storage.
  • Fun & Colorful Design: Appeals to the younger demographic.
  • Durability Issues: Some users have pointed out occasional durability issues over extended use.
  • Expensive: When compared to other models in the same category, it might be on the pricier side.
  • Heavier Weight than Advertised: A few customers noted that the racket feels heavier than 360 grams.
  • Not Recommended for Absolute Beginners: Given its features, it might be a bit advanced for kids just starting.

When shopping for the right Padel racket for kids, the GRANDCOW Kids Padel Racket certainly stands out, offering features that turn into benefits for young players.

Whether it’s the ease of transport with the carrying bag or the sturdy construction that promises longevity, it’s a choice that promises value for both parents and children.

While it has its cons, like potential durability issues, its pros certainly make it a worthwhile consideration.

Brand Name: Zusset

Model: Kick of Kids Padel Tennis Racket
Skill Level: Beginners
Reviews Rating: 4.8/5

Best for Introductory Padel Lessons

Zusset has crafted the Kick of Kids Padel Tennis Racket as the perfect starting point for young children eager to embrace the sport of Padel Tennis. Delving into its features, it becomes evident that this racket prioritizes the child’s developing technique, comfort, and enjoyment.

  • Designed Specifically for Kids: With young children aged 4-10 years in mind, this racket is the gateway to introduce the sport in a fun and effective manner.

  • Lightweight Construction: Enables better control over shots, aiding in accuracy and ensuring young players don’t get easily fatigued.

  • Comfortable Grip: Children will find it easy to hold, reducing strain and increasing their playtime enjoyment.
  • Fun and Colorful Design: This makes it all the more appealing to the younger audience, fostering a love for the game.

  • Durable and Sturdy Construction: Ensures that it can keep up with the energy and enthusiasm of young players.

  • Carrying Bag Included: Making transport and storage a breeze for both kids and parents.

The Zusset Kick of Kids Padel Tennis Racket emerges as a beacon for parents seeking a convenient choice to get their children started in the sport.

It’s not just a Padel Tennis Racket; it’s a gateway to developing essential skills such as coordination, control, and technique. Its features seamlessly translate into benefits, making it a compelling choice.

Many parents commend the Zusset racket for its lightweight construction, which offers better control for their kids. The colorful design is a hit among children, making their playtime more engaging.

The carrying bag, as pointed out by several reviews, is a godsend for easy storage and transport.

  • Perfect Starting Point: Ideal for young children aged 4-10 years to introduce them to the sport.
  • Lightweight & Durable: The lightweight construction combined with sturdy construction ensures kids can have better control while also being long-lasting.
  • Comfortable Handle: Gives children a better grip and assists in developing their technique.
  • Fun & Colorful Design: Makes it more enticing for kids.
  • Carrying Bag Included: For hassle-free transport and storage.

Grip Comfort: Some users mentioned the grip not being as comfortable as expected, leading to potential hand fatigue.

The Zusset Kick of Kids Padel Tennis Racket beautifully balances design with functionality, ensuring children get an enjoyable and fruitful introduction to Padel Tennis. Its strengths, from lightweight construction to the colorful design, make it stand out as a brilliant choice for parents and their young children alike.

While there’s room for improvement in the comfort of the grip, its overall offerings present a compelling case for anyone looking to invest in a child’s budding Padel Tennis journey.

Brand Name: WLSRW

Model: Padel Racket for Kids Tennis Set
Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Reviews Rating: 4.7/5

Best for Young Padel Enthusiasts

The WLSRW Padel Racket for Kids is more than just a tennis racket – it’s a comprehensive tennis racket set designed meticulously for children who are passionate about the sport. With features tailored for young enthusiasts, this set promises a mix of fun and performance.

  • Complete Tennis Racket Set: It comes with two rackets and two balls, ensuring that your child always has a partner to play with, be it a friend or a family member.

  • Built to Last: Made from high-quality materials, these rackets are crafted to withstand heavy use, ensuring durability and longevity.

  • Balanced Performance: The rackets provide an exquisite balance between power and control, thanks to their intricate design.

  • Suitable for All Ages: While they are specially designed for children, their universal appeal ensures that children of all ages can enjoy playing with them.

  • Ergonomic Grip & Lightweight Construction: Ensures comfortable handling, improved control, and easy maneuverability.

  • Wide Sweet Spot: Amplifies the racket’s enhanced power and accuracy.

  • Eye-catching Design: The vibrant colors make them appealing to kids and add a fun element to the sport.

The WLSRW Padel Racket set for kids is the perfect gateway for parents to introduce their children to the sport of padel. This complete tennis racket set, boasting high-quality materials, is designed not just for fun but also to impart the right techniques.

The balance between power and control this racket offers, combined with its vibrant colors, makes it a top pick for children keen on exploring the sport.

Parents rave about the quality and durability of the WLSRW Padel Racket set. Many have mentioned that the two rackets and two balls included in the set provide great value, allowing for instant playtime with friends or family. The rackets’ balanced nature, providing both power and control, has also been a highlight among reviews.

  • Comprehensive Set: The inclusion of two rackets and balls ensures that your child can immediately engage in a game with a friend.

  • High-Quality Build: Durable materials ensure that the racket can handle the enthusiastic plays of young kids.

  • Ergonomic and Comfortable Grip: Helps in better ball control and minimizes fatigue.

  • Wide Sweet Spot: Increases the chances of hitting the ball with power and precision.
  • Size Concerns: Some feedback suggests the rackets might be too small for older children.

  • Ball Bounciness: Some users felt the balls were too bouncy and slightly difficult to control.

  • Weight: At 350 grams, it might be on the heavier side for very young players.

  • Price Point: A few reviews mentioned the set being on the pricier side.

The WLSRW Padel Racket for Kids delivers in terms of both quality and performance. While there are areas for improvement, notably the size for older children and the bounciness of the balls, its comprehensive nature, durability, and design make it a stand-out choice. Parents looking to immerse their children in the sport of padel would find this set an excellent investment.


Brand Name: Babolat

Model: Viper Junior Padel Racquet
Skill Level: Intermediate
Reviews Rating: 4.7/5

Best for Aspiring Junior Champions

The Babolat Viper Junior Padel Racquet is synonymous with top-quality craftsmanship in the world of sports equipment, and their offering for kids is no exception. This racket has been meticulously designed for young players, ensuring they have the perfect choice of equipment to learn and hone their skills on the court.

  • Tailored for Young Players: This racket is designed explicitly with kids in mind, making it a perfect choice for them to learn and develop their skills in padel.

  • Lightweight Yet Sturdy: Its lightweight design paired with a comfortable grip ensures that kids can easily maneuver it across the court. This feature ensures that young players can hold, control, swing, and hit the ball with ease and precision.

  • Soft Grip Handle: An excellent grip combined with comfort ensures extended play sessions without straining the young hands. The soft grip handle provides an added layer of comfort.

  • Durability at its Core: Crafted using high-quality materials, this racket can withstand frequent use and is built to last a long time.

  • Perfect Size for Kids: Its ideal size ensures that it fits kids aged 8-12 years old perfectly, allowing them to play with equipment that complements their size and enhances their gameplay.

The Babolat Viper Junior is more than just a padel racket; it’s a promise of quality and performance. This racquet is the embodiment of Babolat’s commitment to offering top-notch sports equipment for all age groups.

Its lightweight design, combined with a soft grip handle, ensures that kids not only learn the sport but truly enjoy it.

Moreover, its durable construction guarantees that this racket will accompany young players through numerous matches, helping them develop their skills further.

Most parents who have invested in the Babolat Viper Junior for their kids seem ecstatic about the product. They particularly praise its ideal size that fits their young players, its durable construction, and the comfort it offers, ensuring that kids can play for extended sessions without any discomfort.

  • Designed for Kids: The racket is crafted specifically for young players, ensuring they have the perfect equipment to learn and grow.
  • Lightweight & Maneuverable: Allows kids to easily control, swing, and hit, improving their game.
  • Soft Grip Handle: Provides both excellent grip and unmatched comfort, even during extended play sessions.
  • Durable: Made with high-quality materials, it’s designed to withstand regular use and last a long time.
  • Ideal Size: Perfectly fits the hands of kids aged 8-12 years, ensuring they play with equipment suited to their size.
  • Price Point: The racket is priced relatively high compared to other rackets in the market. However, the quality justifies the cost.
  • Market Comparison: Some parents might find other brands offering similar features at a slightly lower price.

When it comes to choosing the right padel racket for your child, the Babolat Viper Junior stands out not only for its top-quality construction but also for its child-friendly design.

While the price might seem a bit steep, investing in this racket ensures that your child gets the best equipment to develop their skills and nurture their passion for the sport.

Xenon Vortex Junior Platform Tennis Paddle

Brand Name: Xenon

Model: Vortex Kids Padel Racket
Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Reviews Rating: 4.8/5

Best for Aspiring Padel Stars

Welcome to the future of young padel player gear! The Xenon Vortex Kids Padel Racket, with its Platform Balance Tie Dye design, merges function and style, becoming the excellent choice for kids eager to up their game. Beyond aesthetics, this racket has been engineered to provide young padel players with the means to improve skills swiftly.

  • Accurate Shots and Control: This racket offers excellent control, balance, and firmness. Every shot taken will be both powerful and accurate, allowing the young player to develop technique confidently.

  • Lightweight for Extended Play: The lightweight construction ensures kids can play for extended periods without tiring their arms. This ensures longer training sessions and more fun on the court.

  • Power Meets Design: The features packed into this racket guarantee powerful shots. And with its tie-dye design, it not only serves functionally but adds a fun and playful touch to the game.

The Xenon Vortex is a blend of style and substance. While its tie-dye design catches the eye, it’s the racket’s performance and lightweight construction that steals the show.

Designed with the intent to aid young padel players in improving their skills and technique, this racket provides excellent control, balance, and power, allowing them to play with renewed confidence.

Parents and young players alike have praised the Xenon Vortex for its unique blend of aesthetics and performance. The tie-dye design has been particularly popular among kids, while parents have appreciated the racket’s build quality and its ability to help improve their child’s gameplay.

  • Tailored for Kids: Specifically designed to cater to young padel players, aiding in skill and technique development.
  • Excellent Control: The platform balance offers incredible control, allowing for more accurate and powerful shots.
  • Engaging Design: The tie-dye design is not only fun but also adds a playful touch, making the sport even more enjoyable for kids.
  • Lightweight & Durable: Its lightweight construction ensures kids can play for longer, while its build quality promises durability.
  • Possibly Too Flashy: Some might find the tie-dye design too flashy or distracting.
  • Not for Advanced Players: While it’s great for beginners and intermediates, advanced young players might require a more specialized racket suited to their level of play.

The Wilson Paddle – Pro Staff Team offers an unmatchable combination of power and control. It’s a perfect tool for advanced players aiming for an offensive game. With its stylish, diamond-shaped design, lightweight construction, and robust features, it is indeed a formidable companion on the padel court.

How Padel Pioneers Choose the Best Padel Rackets for Kids

Hello, Padel enthusiasts! We, at Padel Pioneers, are a passionate team of players who’ve taken the time to deeply research and playtest various children’s Padel rackets. We believe that every junior player deserves the right equipment to shine on the court. After extensive play sessions and discussions, here’s what we’ve concluded:

  • Age Matters: Whether you’re introducing the sport at a very young age or to slightly older kids, the racket’s weight and balance should match their physical capability. For younger children, a lighter racket can help them maneuver better and play padel with ease.

  • Shape and Balance: Understanding the difference between a diamond-shaped head, which provides more power, and a round shape, emphasizing control, is crucial. A medium balance is often a good starting point for most younger players.

  • Hitting Surface: A fiberglass hitting surface is ideal for beginner players. It offers a good balance between power and control.

  • Adult Rackets vs. Junior Rackets: While adults might opt for heavier rackets that offer more power, children need specially tailored junior rackets. These ensure that the racket is an extension of their arm, aiding in better strokes and control.

  • Playtesting: Just as adults test adult rackets, younger players should try out multiple options. They’ll quickly feel if the racket’s balance and weight are right for their playing style.

Remember, the perfect racket is one that feels right in the hands of the player, offers greater control, and aligns with the budget. Never compromise on quality for price. The goal is to ensure kids enjoy playing Padel and having the right equipment is an important factor in that journey.


Absolutely! Padel is a sport that players of all ages can enjoy. For kids, starting with a junior racket explicitly designed for their hand size and strength is often recommended.

When choosing a padel racket for beginners, a few factors come into play. The paddle racket’s weight and balance are crucial; a heavier racket might offer more power but may be challenging to manage. It’s essential to find a high balance between power and control. Hand size is another consideration, ensuring the grip is comfortable. Attractive designs can also be a bonus for younger players!

The best price for a padel racket is sometimes the most expensive. While premium rackets, like the bullpadel hack, may offer advanced features and materials, assessing if those features align with your playing style and experience level is essential.

Choosing between a smooth or rough padel racket surface depends on the player’s preference. Uneven surfaces can add extra spin to the ball, while smooth surfaces offer better control. As always, testing both to see which suits your game best is a good idea.

Traditionally, Padel is played with doubles (four players). While you can have fun rallying with three players, official matches require even teams of 2 vs. 2.

Yes, two people can play Padel in a singles match format, although doubles (4 players) remains the more popular and traditional.

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