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Franklin Sports Padel Bag Review

If you’re a passionate padel player or a pickleball enthusiast, finding the right gear bag can be a game-changer. The Franklin Sports Padel Bag is not your ordinary backpack.

From securely storing two paddles, a water bottle, and all your other essential accessories to its functional built-in fence hook, this sling bag backpack has quickly become the talk of the town.

Wondering how it stands out amidst a plethora of options available?

Dive deep into our comprehensive review and uncover why this bag is gaining popularity in the world of padel and pickleball.

Curious about how this bag can elevate your game-day experience? Read on and see for yourself!

Franklin Sports Padel Bag - Gray

Introduced on May 28, 2023, this sling bag backpack by Franklin Sports, a product of the renowned manufacturer Wilson, effortlessly marries style with functionality.

It addresses every player’s storage needs and is designed specifically for the padel and pickleball community.

Best for Both Men and Women Padel Players

  • A unique blend of quality and functionality, setting it apart from an ordinary backpack.

  • Diverse storage solutions, from the main compartment to pockets, catering to all your pickleball and padel equipment needs.
  • Given its specialized design, it might not be versatile enough for those seeking a generic sports bag.

  • As per current stock and reviews, color options might be limited.

  • Some customers might find it a bit pricey in comparison to non-specialized bags.
  • Efficient Equipment Storage: This bag is not just an ordinary backpack; it’s tailor-made for paddle sports.

    With room to hold up to two paddles, balls, a water bottle, and other accessories, it ensures all your padel gear is organized and easily accessible.

  • Spacious Back Pocket: Beyond storing your pickleball paddle, this sling bag offers a large back pocket. Ideal for storing a change of clothes, towels, drinks, or even your gym equipment.

    It ensures that your gear remains protected, no matter the game’s intensity or weather conditions.

  • Safekeeping for Valuables: A unique addition is its fleece-lined pocket, ensuring your phone, keys, sunglasses, and other delicate items remain scratch-free and secure.

    Your keys will be protected, and your sunglasses won’t get lost in the fray.

  • Built-in Fence Hook: Have you ever been worried about where to store your bag while playing?

    With its innovative built-in fence hook, you can conveniently hang it on the court fence, keeping it off the ground for added safety and easy accessibility.

  • Comfort First: The adjustable shoulder strap ensures that carrying your pickleball gear, from paddles to balls, is a breeze.

    This adjustable strap makes it perfect for padel players of all sizes, ensuring a comfortable carry, game after game.
Best for Both Men and Women Padel Players

How Padel Pioneers Choose the Franklin Sports Padel Bag

When you’re as passionate about Padel as we, the Padel Pioneers, are every piece of equipment matters. From our paddles to the bags we use, we’re meticulous in our choices.

After thorough research, playtesting, and considering the diverse needs of our team members, we found ourselves consistently gravitating towards one particular product: The Franklin Sports Padel Bag.

Why Did We Choose It?

Unlike an ordinary backpack, this sling bag is tailor-made for the padel enthusiast.

It holds all our padel gear seamlessly, from two paddles to balls, a water bottle, and those crucial game-day accessories.

Its large back pocket is a godsend when you need to store extra clothes, towels, or drinks.

Plus, the built-in fence hook is a practical feature, ensuring our bags are safe and elevated off the ground during intense matches.

We’ve all been there – rummaging through our bags in search of keys or our sunglasses.

The fleece-lined pocket in this bag ensures these items have a secure and scratch-free place.

Padel is demanding, and we need equipment that doesn’t weigh us down.

The adjustable shoulder strap of this bag, perfect for padel players of all sizes, was a standout feature for our team.

We don’t just go by what brands state. But when we saw the bag’s rank – #141 in Tennis Bags, we knew we were onto something good.

Padel Pioneers’ Verdict

Our journey in the world of padel has always been about sharing the best tips and insights. The Franklin Sports Padel Bag isn’t just a bag for us; it’s a testament to our commitment to the game.

Whether you’re a seasoned player or just getting your feet wet in the world of pickleball and padel, this bag, as per our extensive experience, is a worthy companion.

At Padel Pioneers, we play, we test, and we share. And in the realm of padel bags, the Franklin Sports offering gets our seal of approval.


While you can use a tennis bag for padel, it might not be the optimal choice. Tennis bags are tailored for tennis racquets, which are generally longer than padel rackets. For the best fit and protection for all your padel gear, it’s recommended to use a bag specifically designed for padel.

To protect your padel racket, consider using a protective cover when not in play. Regularly cleaning the racket surface, avoiding extreme temperatures, and storing it in a cool, dry place also helps extend its lifespan. Some players also use protective tapes or edge guards to prevent wear and tear on the racket’s edges.

Padel can be perceived as expensive due to the costs associated with high-quality equipment, court maintenance, and facility fees. Moreover, as Padel’s popularity grows, demand for quality gear and court time can drive prices higher. Investing in quality gear, however, ensures better play and longer-lasting equipment.

In padel, the racket is typically referred to as a “padel racket” or “padel paddle.” Unlike tennis racquets, padel rackets don’t have strings and are solid with perforations.

Rafael Nadal, primarily known for his tennis prowess, uses bags from his sponsor, Babolat. While his specific model might change over seasons, he typically uses the latest Babolat tennis bag designed to carry multiple racquets, shoes, and other tennis essentials. As of my last update in 2021, Nadal was often seen with the Babolat Pure Aero Rafa bag.

In Padel, an illegal serve occurs when the server doesn’t bounce the ball on the ground before serving when the ball hits the metal fence or the mesh before bouncing in the receiver’s area, or if the ball bounces outside the designated serve square. The serve must also be underhand, and the ball must be struck below waist level.

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