Nox Equation Lady Advanced 2024 Series Padel Racket

Nox Equation Lady Advanced 2024 Series Padel Racket

Looking to improve your Padel game? The Nox Padel Racket Equation Lady Advanced 2024 is designed for you. This racket suits intermediate to advanced players needing power and control. It has a medium balance for easy handling and a durable carbon frame for a lightweight feel. The anti-vibration system makes play more comfortable by reducing injury risk.

The replaceable safety cord system provides extra security. With these features, the Equation Lady Advanced features can help take your game to the next level.

Nox Equation Lady Advanced 2024

Nox Equation Lady Advanced 2024  is designed to offer combined maneuverability control
and precision. This racket is built with a carbon frame and incorporates an anti-vibration system to protect players from injuries, making it ideal for those who demand high performance and durability in their game.

Best for Intermediate to Advanced Padel Players

  • Shape: Round
  • Material: Carbon Fiber and Fiberglass
  • Core: HR3 Rubber
  • Thickness: 38 mm
  • Weight: 350-365 grams
  • Frame: 100% Carbon
  • Balance: Medium
  • Control: 8.5/10
  • Anti-vibration system to prevent injuries
  • DCS (Dynamic Composite Structure) for optimal material distribution
  • Comfortable and dynamic feel with a large sweet spot
  • Made from a combination of carbon and fiberglass for durability and performance

Why Would You Like It?

It offers the ideal mix of control and comfort, making it perfect for intermediate to advanced players. The anti-vibration system ensures a smooth playing experience without injury risk, and the high-quality materials guarantee durability and consistent performance on the court.

Final Thoughts

The Nox Equation Lady Advanced 2024 is a standout racket that combines maneuverability and control for a superior playing experience. Its carbon frame and anti-vibration system ensure a comfortable feel, reducing the risk of injury. The roughness of its faces and the precision it offers make it ideal for players seeking a balance of power and accuracy.

This Padel racket has evolved into a compact piece, providing greater control and ease of movement. The use of professional-grade rubber enhances ball control, making every shot count. Whether you’re playing at a competitive level or improving your skills, the Equation Lady Advanced 2024 will help elevate your game.

Popularity of Padel


The Nox Equation Lady Advanced 2024 is part of the advanced series and is designed for intermediate players seeking precision and control. It features a medium balance, a carbon frame, and an anti-vibration system to protect players from injuries. The racket’s rough surface, achieved through 3D transparent sheets, helps generate more spin and accuracy.

The anti-vibration system in the Equation Lady Advanced reduces strain on the player’s arm, making it more comfortable to play and helping to prevent injuries. This system ensures a smoother feel and a better overall playing experience.

Key features of the Equation Lady Advanced include its medium balance, lightweight carbon frame, large sweet spot, and replaceable smartstrap safety cord system. The rubber combination on the racket face provides increased strength and precision, while the 3D transparent sheets enhance maneuverability and control.

The Equation Lady Advanced is perfect for intermediate players seeking a padel racket with great maneuverability, control, and precision. Its compact design and high-quality materials make it a reliable choice for improving your game. Fast shipping options are available for quick delivery.

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