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How to Choose Padel Shoes in 2023 the Perfect Footwear

As the popularity of Padel continues to skyrocket worldwide, choosing the proper Padel footwear is becoming increasingly essential to maximize performance and sidestep injuries. Whether playing on a padel court or participating in the world padel tour, understanding how to select the best padel shoes will give you a competitive edge.

Unlike traditional tennis or running shoes, specifically designed padel shoes offer exclusive features that diminish the risk of injury, ensuring supreme comfort for players of all skill levels. Running or other sports shoes can expose players to a greater risk of knee pain or twisted ankles.

It’s a shared experience – purchasing new padel shoes that seem perfect at first, only to disappoint once you hit the court. This comprehensive guide aims to eliminate this issue, taking you through the process of choosing the right padel shoes to enhance your game and safeguard your joints.

Before diving into the selection process, let’s familiarize ourselves with the different parts of a padel shoe.

The outsole, the bottom rubber layer of a padel shoe, offers durability and traction. Depending on personal preference, players may opt for a firmer grip or more flexibility during movements.

The midsole, nestled between the outsole and the insole, provides comfort. Thinner midsoles bring you closer to the ground, boosting the shoe’s responsiveness, while thicker midsoles offer better shock absorption.

Above the midsole, the insole provides cushioning and safeguards your foot from the stitching connecting the shoe’s upper to the sole. It’s usually removable, allowing for customization in terms of thickness and moisture-wicking capabilities.

The shank, a rigid piece of material in the shoe’s sole, maintains the form of the shoe and prevents deformation.

The upper material encompasses your foot, starting from the sole upwards, ensuring your foot remains in place and relaxed throughout the game.

The tongue under the laces ensures comfort and stability during gameplay.

The toe guard, extending to the front of your toes, offers an additional shield. Likewise, sitting above the toe guard, the toe cap provides extra protection and stability.

The section of the shoe accommodating your toes is the toe box. Players with wider feet prefer a shoe with a broader toe box.

man holding a padel shoe

What Are Padel Shoes

Padel shoes are footwear specifically designed for the unique demands of playing Padel. They differ from running or tennis shoes, offering additional cushioning and optimal traction to prevent foot injuries.

Padel, characterized by dynamic movements, rapid turns, and constant pivots on a smaller court than tennis, demands the right shoes for optimal player performance and safety.

Padel shoes are designed to endure the intense lateral movements typical of this sport. They provide stability and support for quick directional changes, allowing confident movements around the court.

When choosing Padel shoes in 2023, consider traction and stability. Cushioning preferences and durability concerns will also be factors to consider. Major athletic shoe brands offer various options for different playing styles and specific needs.

player of padel tying his shoes

Padel Shoe Construction

Padel shoes are meticulously crafted to deliver optimal performance on the court. The shoes should have a herringbone pattern, similar to clay court tennis shoes. This design creates a grip on most padel courts‘ sandy artificial turf surfaces.

Stability is another vital consideration for Padel shoes. They should be low to the ground and provide rigid support throughout the shoe, especially around the heel cup.

This will prevent players from rolling their ankles during Padel’s rapid, lateral movements.

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Health and Safety Considerations

Prioritizing health and safety when choosing padel shoes is crucial. Good padel shoes must offer support and stability for rapid movements and changes in direction—shoes like the Asics Gel-Resolution 8 sacrifice cushioning for strength to prevent injuries such as sprains.

During a padel match, your feet will sweat, so choosing shoes with good breathability and moisture management is essential. Opt for lightweight, ventilated materials to keep your feet cool and dry, reducing the risk of blisters and fungal infections.

The herringbone sole pattern, characterized by its herringbone grooves, offers exceptional grip on clay or sandy courts. However, over-gripping can stress your joints, so finding the perfect balance is essential.

woman selling a padel shoes to a male player

Investment in Padel Shoes

Padel shoe prices can range from €40 to €180, but remember that price isn’t always the only quality indicator. You can find affordable models that meet essential comfort and performance requirements.

Decide how much to invest based on your needs and level of play. Casual or beginner players might not need advanced features, while more experienced or frequent players might consider mid-range or high-end padel shoes. These models have often developed technologies for improved damping systems, stability, and durability.

two people happy, holding two padel shoes

Types of Padel Shoes and Their Ideal Users

Now, let’s dive deeper into the types of Padel shoes available in the market. Recognizing that each player has a unique approach and preference, manufacturers cater to diverse needs with their offerings. Here’s a brief overview to help you identify which shoe category might be the most suitable for your style:


Type of Padel Shoe Description Best Suited For
Control Shoes Shoes focused on providing stability and control on the court. They often feature enhanced lateral support and herringbone patterns for excellent grip. Players who prefer strategic and controlled play. Best for those who need enhanced stability for lateral movements.
Speed Shoes Quick, aggressive players who rely on their speed and agility on the court. Best for those playing in hotter climates or indoor courts. Shoes are designed with extra padding and cushioning for comfort during long matches. They often have thicker midsoles and insoles.
Comfort Shoes Quick, aggressive players who rely on their speed and agility on the court. Best for those playing in hotter climates or on indoor courts. Players who prioritize comfort over speed or control. Best for long matches or players with foot or joint issues.
Durability Shoes These shoes are constructed for longevity, often with rugged materials and reinforced areas prone to wear and tear. Frequent players who need a shoe that can withstand constant use. Also good for players who are tough on their footwear.
All-round Shoes Balanced shoes that offer a mix of speed, control, comfort, and durability. They do not excel in one particular area but provide good performance overall. Lightweight shoes are designed for fast, agile players. They usually have flexible soles and breathable materials for increased speed and comfort.

Understanding the types of Padel shoes can make your decision-making process more straightforward. Each category caters to a specific play style and set of needs. Now that you have this knowledge, you can pinpoint which kind of Padel shoes align with your requirements and style of play.

Prominent Padel Shoe Brands

Regarding premium Padel shoes, several brands consistently outshine the rest. Each offers unique features, prioritizing quality, comfort, and performance.

Hailing from Barcelona, Munich Sports excels in producing top padel shoes and apparel. Their offerings, like the Munich Atomic shoes, are admired for their blend of style, exceptional grip, and durability. They’re a surefire asset on any padel court.

As a Japanese sportswear brand, Asics has established a reputation as the best Padel shoe manufacturer, with countless Padel players choosing their models. The Asics Gel-Resolution 9 and the more affordable Gel Padel Pro 5 are among the favorites. Recently, they teamed up with Starvie to provide gear for their roster.

The Spanish company Joma has been crafting quality padel footwear for many years. They’re cherished for their vibrantly colored, comfortable, and stable shoes.

Famous for their top-selling Padel rackets, Nox also boasts an impressive range of shoes designed explicitly for Padel. Their footwear delivers excellent performance, comfort, and traction on the court, thanks to the blend of superior materials and advanced technology.

The Head is another noteworthy brand in the padel world, producing shoes that cater to various skill levels. They balance modern style, comfort, durability, and stability, helping padel players elevate their game.

Bullpadel is a renowned name in the Padel shoe industry. They offer many models, delivering optimal court performance, durability, comfort, and grip.

focus shot on a padel shoe together with a padel racket and ball

The Finest Padel Shoes of 2023

Looking for the best Padel shoes to enhance your game? Here are some top picks for 2023:

Designed for mid-to-high-weight players, these shoes prioritize stability and cushioning, making them incredibly comfortable for any padel player.

This updated iteration of Asics’ famous line provides enhanced stability and comfort for quick court movements. Although they are pricier and less breathable, they offer excellent traction and durability.

This is the go-to model for Augustin Tapia. It excels in breathability, comfort, and stability, though it might lack durability and traction. It has a sturdy lateral support system and a breathable mesh upper for a lightweight feel. The sole design incorporates a shallow herringbone pattern, resulting in lesser traction than its deep herringbone counterparts.

One of the most popular padel shoes in the market, this Asics model offers a balance of stability, traction, and comfort at an affordable price. Though their design might seem bulky to some, they remain a durable and comfortable option.

Juan Lebron’s choice, the Babolat Jet Premura, is considered one of the best premium padel shoes. Enhanced for 2023, it offers greater mobility with its lighter weight and durable Matrix Evo material. The sole is a modified herringbone, providing maximum grip, and the shoe features a breathable mesh upper.

padel shoes, padel ball, padel racket, focus shot

The Bottom Line

Choosing the right padel shoes is critical to maximizing your performance and enjoyment in the sport. When deciding, consider factors like grip, sole design, comfort, stability, and price. Use this ultimate guide as your ally in finding the perfect footwear for playing Padel in 2023.

Whether buying new Padel shoes or upgrading your existing Padel gear, remember: the perfect balance between comfort and performance makes the best Padel shoes. Enjoy the game, and may your choice lead you to many victories!

Growing Popularity of Padel

Padel Tennis, an amalgamation of tennis, squash, and badminton elements, has emerged as a global phenomenon in recent years. By 2023, the International Padel Federation reports a staggering growth to over 12 million enthusiasts worldwide, marking a near-tripling of the figures from a decade ago.

Particularly in Spain, Padel’s birthplace, it has surpassed traditional tennis in player engagement.

The growing global curiosity for the sport is mirrored in digital search trends, with the keyword “How Popular Is Padel” demonstrating a significant increase in frequency on Google Trends.

The compelling fusion of sociability, accessibility, and the burgeoning network of Padel clubs and tournaments worldwide have been instrumental in propelling the sport’s widespread popularity.


Tennis shoes and padel shoes, while similar, have some crucial differences. The ideal padel shoe, like the Asics Gel-Resolution 8 2023 or the Babolat Jet Premura 2, has a herringbone sole that provides the perfect grip for padel courts. Tennis shoes, in contrast, may lack the proper grip, potentially impacting your game or increasing the risk of injury. However, if you prefer tennis shoes for Padel, opt for ones with similar grip characteristics to those of Padel shoes.

Using running shoes for Padel is not advisable. Running shoes are designed for forward movement and do not provide the lateral support needed for the quick, multidirectional activities in the Padel. The lack of a herringbone sole in running shoes can also lead to too much grip or too little grip on a padel court, risking premature wear, slipperiness, and injury.

While they share some similarities, Padel and tennis shoes are different. Both must offer durable shock absorption, a flexible midsole, and a good grip. However, padel shoes are specifically designed for padel courts, typically artificial grass, gravel, and other surfaces, making the grip on the soles a critical factor. Most padel shoes have a herringbone patterned sole to offer the right balance of grip and sliding ability.

As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, Nike does not have a specific line of shoes designated for Padel. However, they produce tennis shoes and other sports footwear, which some players might use for Padel. Always ensure the shoes you choose have the right sole design and provide stability and grip suited for the padel court.

Nike Metcon shoes are primarily designed for gym and training activities, providing excellent stability for heavy lifting and short sprints. However, they lack the herringbone sole typical of padel shoes, which could lead to a poor grip on the padel court. For optimum performance and to avoid the risk of injury, choosing Padel shoes is advisable when playing Padel.

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