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Joma Padel Shoes for Women Slam Lady Review

Discover the Joma Slam Lady Padel Shoes, specifically crafted for the dynamic female Padel player. These shoes are a fusion of custom nylon construction and the latest VTS ventilation system, ensuring your feet stay cool and comfortable at all times. They’re designed to shape quickly to your feet. Providing a snug fit from the get-go.

Focusing on key areas, these shoes offer excellent stability at the narrowest part of your foot and superb cushioning in the midsole. This design caters to both rigorous training and competitive play, ensuring stability and comfort during quick movements and long matches.

With the Joma Slam Lady Padel Shoes, you get a combination of durability, style, and functionality, making them an ideal choice for women seeking top performance on the Padel court.

Joma Slam Lady 2202 TSLALW2202P

Joma Slam Lady Padel Shoes are designed for women padel players who value stability, durability, and comfort. These shoes are a part of the official World Padel Tour shoe line, ensuring professional-grade performance.

With advanced technologies and lightweight construction, they enhance agility on the court. The reinforced toe cap increases abrasion resistance, making them long-lasting even with regular intense play.

Best for Advanced Players Seeking Stability and Durability

If you’re serious about improving your Padel game and need high-performance shoes, consider the Joma Slam Lady Padel Shoes. They are lightweight, seamless, and designed to enhance your agility.

With a reinforced toe cap, they can withstand regular intense play. These shoes are a part of the official World Padel Tour shoe line, bringing professional-grade performance to your game.

Sole Material: Rubber

Outer Material: Faux Leather

Inner Material: Synthetic

Closure Type: Lace-Up

  • Part of the official World Padel Tour shoe line

  • Made of nylon and TPU to eliminate weight and seams

  • Reinforced toe cap for improved abrasion resistance
  • Part of the official World Padel Tour shoe line

  • Made of nylon and TPU to eliminate weight and seams

  • Reinforced toe cap for improved abrasion resistance

Some users have reported issues with the zipper

How to Choose Padel Shoes

When selecting padel shoes, it’s crucial to find a pair that meets the demands of both training and competition. Here are some key tips to guide your choice:

  • Excellent Stability: Look for shoes that offer excellent stability. This is vital for the quick lateral movements and sudden changes of direction common in the padel.

  • Ventilation System: Choose shoes with a good ventilation system. This helps in maintaining a comfortable foot temperature during intense play, which is essential for both comfort and performance.

  • Great Cushioning: Ensure the shoes have great cushioning. This not only improves comfort but also reduces the impact on your joints during play, which is important for both training sessions and competitive matches.

  • Sole Quality: The sole should provide a good grip on the court surface. A durable and well-designed sole contributes to both stability and movement efficiency.

  • Fit and Comfort: Make sure the shoes fit well. They should be snug but not too tight, allowing enough room for your feet to breathe and move without restrictions.

  • Suitability for Training and Competition: Consider whether the shoes are designed for the rigors of both training and competition. Durability and performance are key factors here.

To choose the right pair of padel shoes that support your play style and enhance performance in training and competitive games, keep these factors in mind. Remember, the correct shoes are a crucial part of your padel equipment.

how to choose padel shoes

Popularity of Padel


The best shoes for padel tennis are those that provide stability. And excellent cushioning, and are made of durable materials like custom nylon. Look for shoes with a VTS ventilation system for better airflow, ensuring greater comfort during play. Shoes that adapt to the shape of your feet quickly, like Joma Padel shoes, are highly recommended.

Padel shoes are specifically designed for the demands of Padel tennis. They usually have a lower part of the midsole that is designed to provide stability in the narrowest part of the shoe. This contrasts with tennis shoes, which may have different cushioning and stability features suited for the varied movements of tennis.

Nike offers a range of athletic footwear that can be suitable for padel tennis. While they may not have a specific line labeled as ‘padel shoes’. Many of their sports shoe are designed for similar court sports. Can be appropriate for padel due to their design, cushioning, and stability features.

Padel shoes are tailored to the specific requirements of Padel tennis. Offering features like enhanced stability in the lower part of the shoe and excellent cushioning in the midsole. These features help in improving your movement on the court and can reduce the risk of foot and ankle injuries. The right padel shoes can adapt to the shape of your feet quickly, providing a comfortable and secure fit during play.

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