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Can You Play Padel with Pants? A Deep Dive

Navigating the world of padel, a riveting blend of tennis, squash, and badminton, one often wonders about the right clothing choice for the best performance on the padel court.

The burning question: “Can you play padel with pants?” Well, spoiler alert: you can! But there’s more to padel clothing than just donning your favorite pair of trousers.

From the role of breathable fabrics ensuring maximum comfort, the essential padel shoes. To the attire choices of professional World Padel Tour players. Every piece of clothing and accessory, including t-shirts, sports bras, and proper footwear, plays its part.

So, before you step onto that paddle tennis court, let’s uncover the essentials. The do’s and don’ts, and most importantly, how to ensure your padel matches are both stylish and effective.

Choosing the right clothing for playing padel isn’t just a matter of style; it’s an essential strategy for ensuring optimum performance.

As padel players weave through intense rallies and sudden changes in movement on the paddle tennis court. Their clothing choice significantly impacts their game.

Why Proper Padel Clothing Matters:

Breathable fabrics in padel clothing help maintain body temperature, essential to keep the body warm in cooler weather and cool during heated matches.

The right clothing, like sleeveless shirts or polo shirts, ensures players can move freely, making those swift ball saves or unexpected returns.

Good padel clothing, combined with accessories like cuffs, helps protect players from muscle fatigue and ensures necessary support during the game.

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Pants vs. Shorts: The Great Debate

Indeed, you can play padel while donning pants, but is it the best choice? Shorts generally come recommended as they provide optimum performance, allowing players to move freely, and facilitating swift footwork, especially during sudden changes in the game.

The usual ensemble for men comprises t-shirts (or polo shirts for those preferring a collar), shorts, padel shoes for proper footwear support, and accessories like cuffs or a hat for sun protection.

For women, apart from shorts, sports dresses and sleeveless shirts have become popular choices. These pieces often come made with materials that keep you cool during intense matches.

Are you participating in a league or the World Padel Tour? Always make sure to check their guidelines. Some tournaments might have specific requirements when it comes to padel clothing.

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Shorts with Pockets in Padel

For both seasoned players and those just dipping their toes into the paddle tennis court, the question often arises:

Why are shorts with pockets becoming a staple in men’s padel clothing, and even for many women, alongside their t-shirts, sports bras, and other sport-specific attire?

Imagine you’re in the heat of a match, amidst intense rallies, and with every ounce of your body warm, energized, and focused on the play.

Now, the ball goes out, and it’s your turn to serve. Instead of breaking that momentum by searching for the ball, you reach down to your pocket, and voila!

No downtime, no breaking of concentration. That pocket serves as an ally, ensuring the game flows smoothly.

Shorts designed for padel aren’t just about pockets. They’re crafted using breathable fabrics that ensure maximum comfort.

These shorts work to maintain body temperature during sudden changes in weather conditions, especially critical given that padel matches are predominantly played outdoors.

The right shorts not only provide a handy space for the ball but also help regulate sweat, ensuring players remain cool and at optimum performance.

It’s no surprise that many World Padel Tour players and professionals from other sports disciplines see the immense value in this simple clothing choice.

The combination of convenience and the technical material they’re made from caters to the rigorous demands of the sport.

While shorts with pockets are game-changers, let’s not forget the importance of other attire. Proper footwear, like padel shoes with high cushioning, is essential for those sudden movements and jumps.

Wearing the right clothing, from breathable t-shirts to the perfect shoes, is as vital as any training or technique.

So, next time you’re prepping for a game or planning to buy padel clothes, consider the underrated magic of shorts with pockets.

They might seem like a small detail, but in a game where every second counts, they could very well be your best on-court companion.

a woman holding padel racket and ball

In Essence

Can you play Padel with pants? Certainly. But the most important takeaway is the need for clothing that lets you move with ease and confidence.

From t-shirts and shoes that offer high cushioning, to accessories that protect against sweat and the sun, your outfit should aim for optimum performance, safety, and comfort.

So, whether you’re on a paddle tennis court or a regular padel court, dress appropriately, and give your favorite brands a try.

Remember, your attire does more than represent you—it empowers your game.


Playing padel requires appropriate clothing for maximum comfort and optimum performance. Men’s padel clothing typically includes t-shirts or polo shirts, shorts, and padel shoes. Women often opt for t-shirts, sleeveless shirts, sports dresses, or shorts paired with a sports bra. Breathable fabrics are a top choice given the intense rallies and sudden changes in weather since Padel is mostly played outdoors. Proper footwear, such as padel shoes with high cushioning, is also essential. Lastly, don’t forget accessories that help protect you from the sun or sweat!

While padel and tennis share similarities, they use different balls. Padel balls are slightly less pressurized than tennis balls, making them slower. Using tennis balls in padel matches isn’t recommended, as they won’t provide the best performance and could alter the game’s dynamics.

Yes! One of the unique features of padel, distinguishing it from other sports like tennis, is the use of walls. Players can hit the ball off the walls, adding an exciting layer of strategy to the game. This feature often requires players to anticipate the ball’s trajectory after it bounces off a wall.

Traditionally, padel is played as doubles, which is what you’ll see in World Padel Tour matches. However, there are variations of the game where singles can be played, but it’s less common. The paddle tennis court’s size and the game’s dynamics are better suited for doubles play.

In padel, serves must be underhand, and the ball must bounce in the server’s designated square before being struck. An illegal serve can be when the ball hits the mesh before landing in the receiver’s box if the ball bounces outside the receiver’s box, or if the server’s feet are not behind the service line when serving. Proper padel training can help players avoid these common mistakes.

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