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How Do You Warm Up for Padel Tennis: A Guide

To warm up for padel tennis, begin with dynamic stretches, light jogging, and practice volleys against the wall to increase blood flow and prepare the body for match play.

Before stepping onto the court for an invigorating game of padel tennis, preparing your body with an adequate warm-up is essential. But how do you warm up for padel tennis? Your body needs that initial spark to enhance performance and prevent injuries. A proper warm-up routine not only warms your body temperature but also targets the blood flow to muscles, shoulder and wrist bones, and even mental readiness.

In this article, we’ll dive into the why, how, and what of warming up “padel-style.”

Warming up is something that should be timely and noticed. It’s like starting your car in the morning; you need to give it a moment to move all its parts. Similarly, your body requires an initial warm-up before playing padel. Here’s why:

Warm-up exercises, even for just 15 minutes, prepare your joints and muscles, minimizing potential injuries. Research shows that athletes who perform a warm-up have significantly lower injury rates. This initial warm-up also helps your ball and socket joints, arm swings, and other areas prepare for the match.

As you warm up, you raise your body’s temperature, positively impacting muscle and joint contraction. This helps in reducing muscle reaction time, meaning fewer injuries, and allows the muscles to adhere better to the physical activity’s demands.

Warming up increases blood flow, helps your active tissues, and prepares your cardiovascular system for the strenuous padel match. This results in:

  • Reduced muscle soreness

  • Enhanced recovery time

  • Improved tissue health


Best Exercises to Warm Up Before Padel Tennis

Warm-up exercises should be enjoyable and effective. We’ve chosen some exercises to help padel players get their bodies in prime condition.

Whether with a jumping rope or simply bouncing, this exercise warms up your entire system, improves balance, and strengthens your shoulder and wrist bones. Maintain your feet shoulder-width apart and engage your core while you do this.

Arm swings in circular movements are perfect for stretching your arms, chest, and shoulders. Make sure you’re standing straight and focusing on your form and breathing.

A full body stretch, lifting high knees to the chest, prepares your knees, hips, legs, and back, adding flexibility. Does this stand straight, alternating between legs?

This exercise engages your whole physique. Start with your feet shoulder-width apart, then bow down and crawl until you reach a push-up position before reversing.

Engage in a mini padel game with your opponent, using lesser force and focusing on coordination. You can play within the service lines or do a full-length half-court game.

two padel player doing a warm up

A Typical Warm-up Routine for Padel

Warming up before playing Padel is crucial to prepare the body for the game’s physical demands and reduce the risk of injury. Here’s a breakdown of a typical warm-up routine for Padel:

Begin with 1 minute of bouncing, skipping, or jogging to get the blood flowing. This general warm-up increases your heart rate and warms up your muscles, preparing them for more intense movements.

  • Arm Swings: Swing your arms in large, controlled circles for 1 minute to loosen up the shoulder muscles and prepare for hitting.

  • Knee-to-Chest Exercises: For 1 minute, lift your knees towards your chest and back down. This warms up the leg muscles and helps with mobility.
  • Inchworms: Perform the inchworm exercise to stretch the back and leg muscles, improving flexibility.

  • Lateral Flexion: This will help you warm up the muscles on your sides, promoting better body control.

  • Cross-Stepping: This helps with footwork and prepares you for the fast, lateral movements in the Padel.
  • Wrist Circles: Circle your wrists for smooth, controlled movement in your wrist joints.

  • Hip Circles: Moving your hips in a circular motion helps warm up the ball-and-socket joint, which is crucial for a wide range of movement.
  • Mini Padel Tennis: Engage in a mini Padel game, beginning from the service line. This helps you get into the game’s rhythm and is a fun way to warm up your body further, targeting all the muscles and movements specific to Padel.

A proper warm-up routine for Padel should include cardiovascular exercises, stretching, joint movements, and specific on-court play.

Following this warm-up sequence can help you be at your best on the court, enhance your performance, and minimize the risk of injuries.

Like the game, warming up for Padel should be dynamic and engaging, setting the stage for an exciting match!

two female players warming up for a game

Get Ready for Your Best Padel Game

Warm-ups might seem tedious, but they are the key to your best padel performance. From elevating body temperature to enhancing blood flow and focusing on specific muscle groups, the above exercises are geared to keep you injury-free and in top form.

Remember to cool down after the match to let your body relax. Now that you’re all set with your padel warm routine, grab those padel balls, and good luck with your match! Your body will thank you, and you might be one step closer to being the best padel player.


Warming up for Padel includes a blend of dynamic stretches and specific exercises. Begin with cardiovascular activities to increase blood flow, followed by dynamic stretches for the upper body, legs, and shoulder blades. Engage in Padel-specific movements like mini Padel games. Remember to warm up properly to prevent injuries, including a mix of static stretching to finish and compressed movements to prepare for the actual match.

Warming up before playing tennis involves physical activities to prepare the muscles and joints. Start with jogging or jumping rope to improve blood flow. Incorporate dynamic stretches to focus on the following joints: shoulders, wrists, and knees. Static stretching helps to focus on areas prone to tennis elbow. The warm-up should target upper and lower-body movements to prepare you for a tennis match’s demands.

Starting padel tennis begins with understanding the basics of the game, and knowing how to warm up properly is essential. Engage in activities that increase muscle blood flow and involve padel-specific movements. Focus on stretching exercises for the whole body, paying particular attention to the shoulder blades and pivot joints and using compressed activities to emulate game conditions.

Warming up and stretching for tennis requires attention to the many benefits that a well-rounded routine provides. Begin with exercises to increase blood flow, then transition into dynamic stretches to awaken the nervous system. Focus on the upper body to prevent tennis elbow, and remember to stretch the other leg as you work one leg at a time. Static stretching at the end of your warm-up can help with flexibility.

Stretching before Padel is vital to prepare the body. Dynamic stretches help to activate the muscles, while static stretching helps with flexibility. Focus on movements that involve the shoulder blades, pivot joints, and specific stretches that target the upper body. Ensure you include exercises for the other leg, not just one leg, to achieve a balanced warm-up.

A warm-up activity consists of a series of physical exercises to prepare the body for more intense physical activity. Start by improving blood flow with jogging or jumping. Then, introduce dynamic stretches that activate the nervous system. Focus on areas like the upper body, following joints like the shoulders, hips, and knees, and consider the specific demands of the sport, such as padel-specific movements.

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